Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lazy Dog Batik Shirt

Today's shirt is the Lazy Dog Batik shirt. Think it's best on a white v-neck.
Lazy Dog Batik Shirt

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lazy Dog COME INTO MY ZOO shirt

Lazy Dog COME INTO MY ZOO shirtnow in shop.
Lazy Dog COME INTO MY ZOO shirt

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013


This time we went a little farer and saved a bunch of bullets for the matador 
to show what we think about corrida.


And here the new release from the VIVA EL TORO ...AND SAVE A BULLET FOR THE MATADOR shirt. People told us that the red was not bloodlike enough, so we made it a bit darker.
We used now a Spreadshirt shirt instead of B&C because we think the fitting is better. Spreadshirt shirts fit even better than American Apparel but have a better price... and they are produced in EU

This is how it comes on a shirt.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lazy Dog Apollo on Model with shirt

Lazy Dog Apollo on Model with shirt

Hardest Bitch in Town by Lazy Dog

Hardes Bitch in town by Lazy Dog is released now in the shop

Model with Viva El Toro Sunrise Bull on a shirt

This is how it appears on a shirt

El Toro Sunrise Bull is done with a special technique to give it a silkscreen effect
which slidely fades to the borders

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lazy Dog Apollo

So finally the Lazy Dog Apollo shirt.

The Lazy Dog is sleeping now

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A last Good Night

Hello Guys,

a last good night from Viva El Toro with his Lazy Dog. Stay tuned and come back.

Hardest Bitch In Town

A last post this night from Viva El Toro and Lazy Dog.
As I am a pretty shy boy I found it really cynic and funny
print sth. cynic and explicit on my chest.
This is only an Iphone screenshot.
I will put this dhirt in the shop tomorrow...
also the photos from the original.

Lazy Dog Apollo

So this is the little boy who inspired me to create the new brand
"Lazy Dog"
He is my sweety, my love my everything.
Everybody who' s ever had a Bosti, will understand it.
So once a day when we had a very terruble high water this summer,
I put him on a diving mask and showed him my mom.
She was not so happy and the dog either.
But the situation itself was so funny that I had to shoot this pic:

It was so inspiring that I did some photoshopping and poparting with this result:

with a little vintaging I arrived at the result I wanted to get:

This iss only an Iphone screenshot but I got this shirt in white.
Tomorrow morning I will make a pic. This shirt is pretty nice and I will age it a little with a black tea washing as finish.
I will post the result and the instruction.

New Brand on the run!

I already presented the first "Lazy Dog" Shirt,
 A bunch of new scraps is already in the pipeline.
Now it' s ufically announced.

Another lazy dog is born. 
Just tell it anybody
that you are now in his world.
Your parents, teachers and preachers.
It is good to be a lazy dog....

Another Rainbow design

This is still not online. I think, I will make a little provocative 
"Pride Collection"
This is another sample, I will put it tomorrow online.
I found it funny to ask this question and put it into this layout...
Just to remember for what the pink triaangle stood for in our

So never forget this kind of stigmata.
If it is a jewish star or a gay pink triangle.
Thes are only labels or brandmarks put from the "right" thinking majority
to sign and brandmark the "OTHERS".
That is why I used the new label "Lazy Dog" as a kind of "underdog" and
"give a damn of the rest of the world" message.

The message of this shirt is only the question.
There is no answer and there must not be any answer..
has to justify himself

frontside label


real shirt

real shirt back

Sin distinction.... sccreenshot from Iphone

Here a first screenshot from my Iphone because the shirt is in the tumbledryer.

Tomorrow I will put real photos online.

First Rainbow design

So I made this design and put it onto a shirt
Yhe meaning of these words is:


And I mean ir from the bottom of my heart

Other Party people from Circuit, Bartender, Dancers and Guests

No matter who or what you are. La vita รจ bella!

the Mojitoman

very gentle bartender

Guys from Canada