Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lazy Dog Apollo

So this is the little boy who inspired me to create the new brand
"Lazy Dog"
He is my sweety, my love my everything.
Everybody who' s ever had a Bosti, will understand it.
So once a day when we had a very terruble high water this summer,
I put him on a diving mask and showed him my mom.
She was not so happy and the dog either.
But the situation itself was so funny that I had to shoot this pic:

It was so inspiring that I did some photoshopping and poparting with this result:

with a little vintaging I arrived at the result I wanted to get:

This iss only an Iphone screenshot but I got this shirt in white.
Tomorrow morning I will make a pic. This shirt is pretty nice and I will age it a little with a black tea washing as finish.
I will post the result and the instruction.

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